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ProductRatePointsAPRMonthly Principal and
Interest Payment
30 Year Fixed Rate 3.850%0.0003.909%$937.62
15 Year Fixed Rate 3.050%0.0003.145%$1,385.98
Saleable 7 Yr ARM 30 Yr Amort 3.000%0.0003.051%$843.21
My Community Mortgage Fixed Rate 4.200%0.0004.263%$978.04
New Neighbor 30 Year Fixed Rate 4.100%0.0004.162%$966.40
Saleable 5 Yr ARM 30 Yr Amort 2.625%0.0002.920%$803.31
New Neighbor 5 Year ARM 30 Yr Amort 2.875%0.0003.652%$829.79
WHEDA FNMA Advantage 4.875%0.0004.900%$1,058.42
20 Year Fixed Rate 3.600%0.0003.679%$1,170.23
10 Year Fixed Rate 2.900%0.0003.033%$1,922.00

Rates are effective as of 11/25/2015 and are subject to change at any time. Rates shown are based on the following Assumptions

Rate assumptions:  Purchase price of $250,000.  Loan amount of $200,000.  Down payment of 20%.  Primary Residence.  1 Unit.  0 points. Rates do not include specific loan level price adjustments that may be applicable due to credit score, loan-to-value, product, property type and/or purpose of loan.

The Monthly Payment does not include taxes and insurance.  The actual Monthly Payment may be higher.

Escrow for taxes and insurance may be required on certain loan products.  However, those amounts are not included in the Monthly Payment provided in the examples above.

APR is annual percentage rate.

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