Today's Rates


ProductRatePointsAPRMonthly Payment
30 Year Fixed Rate3.600%0.0003.654%$909.29
15 Year Fixed Rate2.850%0.0002.942%$1,366.78
Construction 1 Yr ARM Owner Occupy1.990%0.0002.779%$966.40
Saleable 7 Yr ARM 30 Yr Amort3.000%0.0002.915%$843.21
My Community Mortgage Fixed Rate3.950%0.0004.010%$949.07
New Neighbor 30 Year Fixed Rate3.850%0.0003.909%$937.62
Saleable 5 Yr ARM 30 Yr Amort2.750%0.0002.799%$1,043.29
New Neighbor 5 Year ARM 30 Yr Amort3.000%0.0003.535%$1,073.64
WHEDA FNMA Advantage4.750%0.0004.784%$1,043.29
20 Year Fixed Rate3.450%0.0003.526%$1,154.79
10 Year Fixed Rate2.700%0.0002.828%$1,903.64

Rates are effective as of 5/1/2015 and are subject to change at any time. Rates shown are based on the following Assumptions

Rate assumptionsPurchase price of $300,000.  Loan amount of $200,000.  Primary Residence.  1 Unit.  0 points. Rates do not include specific loan level price adjustments that may be applicable due to credit score, loan-to-value, product, property type and/or purpose of loan.


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